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The Toras Avigdor Revolution

Rabbi Miller galvanized an entire generation and his Torah continues to inspire the Jewish world today.

He had one foot in Slabodka and the other firmly planted on American soil, never losing touch with the challenges of the 20th century. He inspired, motivated, and encouraged—and always spoke his mind.

His insights resonate with everyone!

Do you sometimes feel…

…trapped in monotony?

Living uninspired is like being stuck in a soul-crushing swamp of despair. You’re suffocating. You long to get out, but you’re trapped—trapped in the monotony of life. You feel powerless. Hopeless. You want to give up.

…confused about the world?

Living with uncertainty and doubt can lead to anxiety. You want to live your life with focus and clarity, but you lack the self-awareness and confidence you need to make judgments. You’re overwhelmed, out of your depth. You’re ready to throw in the towel.

…in need of new inspiration?

Living as a Torah Jew is a deeply personal and rewarding journey through life. Fresh inspiration will lead you on a transformative path of self-discovery and growth, help you tap into your inner strength, and guide you in finding satisfaction and joy along the way.

Experience happiness and fulfillment

every day

every hour

every moment

Our days…become an unending series of 1) joy and 2) achievement of True Knowledge. As we walk the path of life, we breathe deeply of G-d’s bounty and quaff the champagne of happiness, when we thank Him always for bringing us near to Him…
Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Awake My Glory

Break free.
Embrace a new beginning.
Reveal a life full of meaning.

"I was in prison for 37 years"

Thank you for being there for me. I was in prison for 37 years. It was very hard as an Orthodox Jew to survive in a place like that, let alone find spiritual strength and inspiration to keep going every day. I never lost faith in Hashem but I was losing hope of ever being released. The words of Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt”l kept me inspired
Binyamin Haims

"I probably would have eventually committed suicide"

As a bachur I got hooked on extremely inappropriate material online. Nothing I tried could release its grip on me. While I maintained a frum facade, I was completely burned out on the inside. What can I say? Toras Avigdor brought me back to life! It's plain techiyas hameisim! I subscribed to all your emails: daily, weekly, Gemara. I went out and bought all Rabbi Miller's books. I ordered the iPod. Finally I'm alive again! I'm a different person! I got married and had a baby. I have so much blessing in my life now—all because of Toras Avigdor. If I hadn't picked up your booklet when I had, I don't know what would have happened to me. I probably would have ended up on drugs and eventually committed suicide. You've really been a life-saver for me!
Anonymous, Toronto
Shake off monotony
Drop uncertainty
Stamp out indifference
Live with vitality
Live with clarity
Live with awareness
The only genuine form of happiness is to learn that life is full of happy phenomena. Each phenomenon, when properly studied, becomes a source of happiness.
Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Awake My Glory

Toras Avigdor.

Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

Toras Avigdor exists to bring Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s Torah and hashkafah to every place it’s sought, from long-standing religious communities to remote villages.

My family life has changed dramatically. My wife and I both feel tangible growth in our yiras shamayim, shalom bayis, and devotion to our children.

A talmid

I teach children with autism. I go through the Toras Avigdor with them and it simply opens up their minds.

Y. D.

My weekly Toras Avigdor always gives tremendous insight into parshas hashavua. I never lack for a dvar Torah.

Yonah Sher