אלקינו means our G-d – with a possessive “our”. This possessiveness really has two aspects, from our side, and from Hashem’s. From our side, that we, כלל ישראל, are completely devoted to Hashem – we love and desire nothing but Him. He is ours. And from Hashem’s side, that all of Hashem’s love is for us alone. As it is written in Hashem’s תפילין, “Who is like your people Yisroel the one [and only] nation in the world”. Hashem’s entire focus and love is upon us – He is ours, and we, in turn, are His.

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In Memory of Horav Avrohom & Reb. Rivkah Newhouse
Adapted from R’ Avigdor Miller’s sefer – Praise My Soul
by Rabbi S Maryles 
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