וצדקה, וברכה, ורחמים

We have but one request, ‘the light of Your face’, yet we now express this request in further detail. We request צדקה, which refers here to zechuyos, merits (as in Dvarim 6:25), and we pray that Hashem give us the opportunity to attain zechuyos, and thereby gain ‘the light of His face’. But our own Merit is never sufficient, and we therefore beseech Hashem for ברכה, for no zechuyos can earn us true happiness without the especial blessing of Hashem. And רחמים, the mercy of Hashem, for without His mercy, we are surely undeserving of any ברכה.

Rabbi Miller explains the following words as a continuation of our original request, “ברכנו אבינו כלנו כאחד באור פניך”, “Bless us, our Father, all of us as one, with the light of Your face”. We now continue to request that He bless us with “צדקה וכו'”, “merit etc.”