Rav Avigdor Miller on The Farbrengen or The Circus

How do I best deal with a child who wants to go to places that the Rav doesn’t approve of, like the circus or baseball games?

You give him substitutes. One that is a little more kosher than the other. So let’s say he wants to go to a circus. So, if there is no other way, then take him to a baseball game. If he wants to go to a baseball game, then take him to the park. If he wants to go to the park, then try to bring him to a farbrengen at a Rebbe instead. Always try to find something a little better than the thing he wants.

Of course, there will be some times that you won’t be able to give him anything that he wants. But in general, look for substitutes. Many times a dollar, or a bigger bill, will serve as a happy substitute. There are ways and means of making children happy with kosher toys and kosher pastimes. Of course, it’s not always easy and it will take some planning and ability, but that’s the job of a parent.
TAPE # 319