How can we say ברוך אתה to Hashem? Doesn’t it show a lack of respect when we express that type of closeness to say “You” to Hashem?


You have realize that הקדוש ברוך הוא is looking down from the skies – right now He’s looking down – to see if anybody is thinking about Him. And when you say “You” to Hashem, then immediately He is interested in you. When you say “You” and you’re thinking about what you’re saying, then you are making Hashem real and tangible in your mind. And that’s what Hashem wants from you.

You say אתה – “You”! You’re speaking with Hashem and He’s listening to you. Absolutely He’s listening! אתה שומע – You are listening. Get that into your bones, into your blood. You have all this foolishness from the outside world trying to make הקדוש ברוך הוא disappear from the world. And you’re fighting against that foolishness by saying אתה – “You.” We’re the Jewish people, and we’re bringing Hashem into the world. The more you say Hashem’s name, the more you daven, the more you talk about Him, the more you’re bringing Him into this world.

It’s a world of wickedness, of foolishness, today – more than ever before. And we need the Presence of Hashem in this world as much as possible. אתה ה׳ לא תכלא רחמיך ממני – “You Hashem will not hold back Your mercy from me.” It doesn’t say “Hashem.” It says “You Hashem.” That’s what Hashem wants. He wants you to feel Him in a tangible way. He wants you to say “You.” If you say “You” to Hashem, Hashem will say “you” to you.
TAPE # E-236