Rav Avigdor Miller on Voting



What do you say about not voting altogether?


If you’re able to vote, I think you should because it’s a good thing.  Anything that improves the environment is good for us.

TAPE #1 (November 1973)

What lesson should be learned from the killing of a police officer this past week?


And so we have to repeat an old lesson. You have to know there’s a wind of liberalism blowing and it’s all lies. They tell you statistics that are lies. Their statements are all lies.  People will never refrain from crime unless they’re afraid of punishment!  And murder has to have the death penalty.  Otherwise you’ll never stop it! But these liars say, “There’s no proof that the death penalty is deterrent.”

You know, the Italian construction man has more intelligence than the editors of New York Times! No question about it! Because these are artificial people; they don’t think straight. It would be the very best thing if the editor of New York Times once took a walk in Central Park and he’d get a drubbing from some bums who would flash a knife on him.  Then he’d stop being a liberal.

Because in the ivory towers, it’s all affectation, showing off – it’s all showing off.  “I’m against taking human life,” they say, “Oh, it’s terrible. We’re horrified!”  So what do they do? They’re killing millions of babies every year. They’re for abortion, that’s alright. But taking human life? Oh no! Whose human life?  A murderer.  “Oh, no!  We don’t repay murder with murder.  Society themselves become the murderer.  That’s the very worst example, to murder a man who killed a policeman. It means we are the murderers.”

It’s all garbage. They are fools.  They have no intelligence at all, but they’re doing it for a purpose, an affectation of showing off to make an impression on the world that they are higher people.  The truth is they’re the lowest of the low because they’re the ones who advocate every form of perversion, every form of wickedness there is.

And as long as we listen to these fools, we are the fools. And so, how long, how long, fellow Jews will you be blind and you’ll vote for such people like Governor Carey?  You don’t even think twice.  Such a rasha m’rusheh.  Carey is the one whose hands shed the blood of all these innocent victims when he vetoed the bill for the death penalty!  Carey is the arch murderer!

And all those people – I won’t say the names of these Orthodox Jews – who make deals with Carey; if Carey will see to it that they get certain funds from the state, so these Orthodox askanim will get the Jewish votes for him; they’re all shedding blood – innocent blood and Jewish blood.

There’s only one way to deal with crime and that there should be strict, stern punishments.  For stealing, there has to be stern punishment!  For every kind of crime!

And therefore the world will never be safe when the liberals are in charge of the attitudes of the public.  We have to free ourselves from these attitudes.

And so what do we learn from a murder of a policeman?  We learn that you must go back to what was years ago when they didn’t murder policemen.  They were afraid to murder a policeman because they knew it meant sure death.  If he would murder somebody else, also there was a pretty good chance that he’d end up in an electric chair.  But with a policeman, he knew for certain that that was his sure destination!

But today, you see the results. That’s what it caused. And we are the ones who are to blame. And our own lives chas v’shalom are in danger because we’re stupid enough to be swayed by these winds that sway the reshaim.

TAPE # 301 (February 1980)