Rav Avigdor Miller on A World of Color



Why is the entire world colored with so many various colors, flowers and fruits?


And the answer is twofold.  One reason is to cause us pleasure.  If everything was colored green – if apples were green and roses were green, cherries were green and bananas were green, tomatoes were green, and strawberries were green, the watermelon inside would be green – a lot of the fun of life would be missing.

Color is one of the happiness of life.  It’s the pink cheeks of your kallah that makes you more interested in going to the chuppah. The colors of life gives zest to life.

But there’s another reason.  The other reason is:  Hakodosh Boruch Hu doesn’t want you to waste your life.  He wants you to notice things.  So in case you don’t notice the wonders of the red roses – and there’s a lot to learn from roses; you can learn emunah in a Creator when you see the wonders of the design – but if you missed it the first time so when you pass by a different garden and you see pink roses, so then what you didn’t notice the first time, you might notice the second time.

Color causes variety.  And therefore variety stirs your mind to think about things that otherwise you might ignore.  That’s a purpose of variety.

And so if you’re eating a red apple and you don’t appreciate it – and you should; the glory of a red apple!  What a beauty!  What a miracle it is!  What a wonderful design of packaging it is!  Still, if you’re stupid enough not to notice that, if you’re obtuse and thickheaded and you lose the opportunity, so maybe someday you’ll be eating a Golden Delicious and it’ll hit you between the eyes – What a beautiful tint that is! And it’ll wake you up.

And that’s why you have different colors, to wake up people to notice things they didn’t notice before.

TAPE # 414 (August 1982)