Rav Avigdor Miller on Chassidish or Litvish or What



What does Hakodosh Boruch Hu want us to be – Chassidish, Litvish or what?


Now that’s some big order. He wants me to make enemies, the one asking this question.

Hashem wants you to be the best that you can be. Some people can be their best if they’re Chassidish. Some people can be their best if they’re Litvish. Other people can be their best if they’re Sefardi. You have to figure out for yourself what will help you be the best.

And therefore it’s like asking – “What is the best diet for all of mankind?” The best type of diet depends on each individual person. People are different. Some people are so different that their diets are radically different.

So whatever it is that you choose, you should make it a principle in your life to always choose whatever it is that will give you the most success in life – and success in this world means preparing for the Next World.
TAPE # 272 (July 1979)