Rav Avigdor Miller on Gay Rights



What should one do now that the Gay-Rights Bill has passed in New York?


We have to maintain a constant battle against the Gay-Rights Bill. We have to bombard all the politicians with letters or other means to let them know we’re very angry; we won’t stand for it.

And I’ll explain what’s doing. This bill can be implemented in a soft-peddled way and it can be implemented in a militant way. If there will be a big angry reaction from all the citizenry, so they’ll be slow, they’ll be careful in being militant about it. Because the way the gays really want is, they want that the youth should be taught that this is a perfectly normal way of life. They want to corrupt the entire youth; and don’t be mistaken about it!

They also want to teach Mankind that little boys can be taken off the street. They want to lower the age of consent and that way for the sake of a candy bar they can get little boys to be their victims.

Now this wickedness it seems to us very far from reality. But you have to know the North American Man-Love-Boy Association says that openly. And Koch (Mayor of New York City) yemach shemo vezichro marched together with them in the Gay Rights parade.

And that’s what they want. They want our children too! It’s no joke; it’s very serious. And so any little boy in the streets can be bribed by a candy bar. And once he gets into a bad habit, he’s ruined for life.

And therefore, not like up till now you were asleep; the Jewish people were asleep and the general public is asleep surely. Those who listen to the radio and read the New York Times don’t have their brains of their own; they just think what the media tell them – and the media is controlled by gays.

But the Jewish people, those that have some sense, have to maintain their constant drumming and battling. Constantly bothering them, pestering them with letters all the time. And don’t think it’s not a mitzvah; it’s a big mitzvah to do it all the time. Write letters to all the politicians. Write letters to everybody else. Wake up the rabbis who are asleep! They don’t know what’s doing here. They think it’s none of our business, they don’t realize that this evil is penetrating into frum houses too; it’s penetrating.

And therefore we have to battle for our lives against gay rights.
TAPE # 591 (March 1986)