Rav Avigdor Miller on Ham, Narcotics and Internet



The Internet is being used so much today. How can we rescue ourselves from it?


The Internet is the same as narcotics. It’s the same as dope. Anybody who starts up with it is looking for trouble.

And therefore, just like we have to train people today not to touch a piece of meat unless they know that it’s kosher  – you can’t just go out and buy a piece of meat from any butcher. Even some kosher butchers today are not really kosher. You have to watch out. And even more than kashrus—even more than kashrus!—we have to teach people that narcotics are worse than treifos. Narcotics are worse than ham. Narcotics are worse than eating ham. And we have to teach that to people. It’s sakanas nefoshos. And therefore when something is a question of your safety it should be taken in the most serious way.

Now, the Internet you should know is the same as narcotics. They wanted to put my tapes on the Internet. I would be willing but I said nothing doing – I don’t want to encourage people to listen to the Internet. Nothing doing. A rich man came to me – he used to donate to the yeshiva once upon a time – but now, when I told him no, he didn’t come anymore to donate money. I don’t care. No; the Internet is not for me.

TAPE # E-217 (November 1999)