Rav Avigdor Miller on Haman and the IRS



The Megillah says that the reason that Haman gave Achashveirosh for why the Jews had to be killed was “ואת דתי המלך אינם עושים – And the laws of the king they don’t follow” (Esther 3:8). And Rashi says that Haman was saying לתת מס לעבודת המלך – that the Jews are not paying their taxes. Is not paying taxes a logical reason for killing the Jews?


When Haman accused the Jews of being remiss in paying their taxes, would that be a good reason to destroy them?

For a king, it’s the best reason.  A king lives by taxes.

Don’t we see that the IRS has so much power today? They could make a man’s life ruined – and they do! In such a liberal period as today when people can do the worst crimes and still be absolved of punishment, how is it that the IRS still has power to do almost anything to a man?

The answer is because money is extremely important for a government; extremely important.

And therefore, Haman knew that such an accusation, to claim that the Jews were being disobedient in paying taxes, would have an effect on the king.

TAPE # 302