Rav Avigdor Miller on High School English Principals



Why do they allow secular library books in the major frum yeshivas? I want to avoid loshon hara so I won’t mention the names of the yeshivas.


The trouble is that in the yeshivas, the principal of the high school should be the rosh yeshiva himself.  That’s how it should be.  The rosh yeshiva with the big white beard, he should be the principal of the high school because that’s where we need him most.

In Frankfurt-am-Main, the frum German community had a gymnasium, a high school, and the teachers of the secular subjects were very frum Jews.

A man once told me this – many years ago he was brought up there and he said that the man who taught him algebra taught him mussar and yiras Shamayim in the algebra class.  He taught him algebra too.

That’s how it used to be.  In Frankfurt-am-Main, together with the secular subject, they taught him Torah and mitzvos.

You can do that.  You can show everything is connected with Torah.  It’s very important to utilize that.

But what do they do?  They take somebody who once went to the yeshiva who has a college degree.  He’s a frum Jew, but he’s shallow and he becomes a principal. He doesn’t really have the spirit of Torah in him.  And therefore, is it a surprise that sometimes he lets things get past him?  Not such good things pass his inspection.

That’s why I say that the rosh yeshiva should be in the high school office and should supervise everything. And then from the high school will go forth boys that are tzaddikim.

You know many boys are failures in Gemara. They’re discouraged in the Gemara and therefore they turn away from the yeshivah. Even though they’re in the yeshivah, they lose their idealism.  But in the secular department, you can win them back.  You can win them back in the secular department.  It’s easy because they’re at home there.  And if the teachers had idealism, then they could talk yiras Shamayim always in the secular department.

TAPE # 724 (January 1989)