Rav Avigdor Miller on Rav Hillel’s Curious Statement



What did Rav Hillel mean when he said that the Am Yisroel will not see Moshiach come because שכבר אכלוהו בימי חזקיה – we already ate up the days of Moshiach in the time of Chizkiyahu Hamelech (Sanhedrin 99a)?


There is an opinion by a certain Rav Hillel – that’s not the famous Hillel – who said that Moshiach already came. A curious statement. However, if we look for curious statements, we’ll find on almost every subject somebody made a curious statement.

And that statement of Rav Hillel is outvoted by all the Chachmei haTorah.  He said that Chizkiyahu was the Moshiach but he’s outvoted so therefore we ignore him.

There are many statements similar to that in the Gemara, individual opinions, but we follow what the majority of the Sages say and that’s our tradition.

TAPE # 77 (July 1975)