Rav Avigdor Miller on Teshuva for a Slap



What should a wife do to make amends if she slapped her husband during an argument?


Now if you’ll remember, it was once mentioned here that if a husband slapped a wife so he should hurry to 47th Street and buy her a nice diamond ring.  He shouldn’t say anything.  He should just give it to her and not say any remarks and most likely she’ll accept it.  It speaks better than words.

So this person is asking what if she did the slapping? What should she do?

She should keep her mouth closed from now on.  That’s the biggest gift she can give her husband.  He’ll forgive her.  She has to make a nice supper, a very good lavish supper for him.  He’ll grumble.  He might say, “I won’t eat it.”  If he won’t eat it so she should put it in the refrigerator and not say a word.  And she should keep quiet.  The next night, another nice supper.  In the course of time, it’ll be better than a diamond ring.

That’s the only way she can make up for it.  Because if she’ll keep on talking, then she’ll make things worse.  So therefore, one of the best gifts is silence.  And silence is a peace offering.

TAPE # 727 (February 1989)