Rav Avigdor Miller on The Flatbush Eiruv



What is your opinion of the Flatbush eiruv and why is there so much controversy about the question?


The opinion about the Flatbush eiruv is an opinion of chachomim, and because I’m not a chachom therefore bemekom gedolim al ta’amod; don’t stick your head in between gedolim.

Here in our kehillah we follow the Agudas Harabonim headed by Rav Moshe Feinstein who said the eiruv is not valid. We don’t make a machlokes about it however, but that’s our practice in this place.

More than that, I wouldn’t say. I’ve been a member of the Agudas Harabonim for forty three years and so I follow their principles and that’s all I can tell you on the subject. There are seforim written about it and we could talk about it perhaps outside, but in public that’s all I’m able to say.

TAPE # 412 (July 1982)

A month ago the Rav signed on a kol korei, a public letter, against the Eiruv in Flatbush. Does that mean to include the Eiruv in Williamsburg as well? 

I said nothing about the Eiruv. I have no opinion at all about it – for or against. I’m not interested in the Eiruv at all. I’m only interested in –

But the Rav’s signature is on the paper?


No. That signature is false. I didn’t sign it. This I can tell you – I never signed it. I never said a statement for or against it. It’s not the first time people have used my signature for various purposes. No, I never signed anything.

I never made a statement for or against. I’ll tell you what I’m against. I’m against people who are wasting their lives. And you know what I’m for? I’m for people coming here and making use of their lives. That’s what I’m for.
TAPE # E-232 (May 2000)