Rav Avigdor Miller on Vigilante Justice



What do you say about the man, Bernard Goetz who shot those muggers on the train?


We say יישר כחכם – lang leben zohl ehr.  כן ירבו! And I think it’s a good idea for people to write letters to the mayor saying that he should be given a decoration in city hall.
TAPE # 539

What can we learn from this story of a person who shot that homeless man and now they want to put him in jail?


You know, once upon a time there was no such thing as being homeless.   Once upon a time even by the goyim, if you were a vagabond they arrested you.  “You have no job?  You’re wandering in the streets? So you’re a bum!” They would put you in jail right away. Everybody knew you had to be someplace.

Today if you’re homeless, “Ooh ah! An aristocrat!” But until the goyim came along with their rishus, with their liberalism, they would get angry at the homeless. Today the only people they’re angry at is when somebody tries to defend against a vagabond criminal.  Him they don’t like. They put him in jail.  If he shoots a criminal or hits a criminal, they put him in jail.  And then they give the criminal three million dollars because he was crippled by the person who was trying to defend himself.

It’s a crazy world today. The whole world is wicked today.  There is no justice at all. The goyim are crazier than ever before. But baruch Hashem it’s good to know the goyim are crazy because we look at the outside world and we’re disgusted with them.  Baruch Hashem shehivdilanu min hatoim.  For us it’s a great benefit to see the meshugas of the nations because the crazier they are, the more we have nothing to do with them.

TAPE # E-76