Rav Avigdor Miller on Visiting The Grave of A Tzadik



What is the function of going to a kever of a Tzadik?


And the function is what we spoke about today. And that is, in order to advertise to the world that the greatest thing in the world is to be a tzadik. And in the zechus of you going there and demonstrating that you appreciate the greatness of a tzadik, Hashem will reward you and listen to your tefilla. But you’re not praying to the tzadik, chas v’shalom.

Hakodosh Boruch Hu says, “If you understand how much I love this man, and not only him, but I even love his body because his body was kadosh. And now you come there, where his body was placed, for that purpose of showing that you appreciate the greatness, the holiness, of his body, then I’m going to reward you by listening to your tefilla.”

That’s the purpose of kivrei tzaddikim.
TAPE # E-8 (May 1995)

How should one pray at the grave of a tzadik?

At the grave of a tzadik you’re supposed to pray to Hashem in the merit of this tzadik, in the zechus of this tzadik. Suppose he gets on his knees and prays, “Tzadik,” he says, “Tzadik, please save me.” That’s wrong. You don’t say, “Tzadik save me.” You can say “Tzadik, please pray to Hashem for me. Your zechus should help me.”
TAPE # 689 (June 1988)