Rav Avigdor Miller on Women’s Lib



What should be our attitude towards women’s lib?


This is one of the catch phrases that the shallow minded have heard in the street and they repeat to each other.  In this country women have more power and more freedom than anywhere else, and this is the place where there’s the least need for liberation of women.  The entire business is an artificial cause, and it’s only an excuse for ostentation, for loud mouths and for innovators.

The only accomplishments that the exponents of women’s lib will ever achieve are trouble.  There’s no question that American society is not going to gain from any of their proposals.  If we really understood what women’s lib entails, we would be horrified at the extent of their aims.  They could force, by the Constitution, the yeshivos to have a mixed beis hamedrash.  A suit could be brought against segregation of the sexes in the synagogue.  But not only that.  They could bring a suit against segregation in the bathrooms.  It’s opening up a Pandora’s box of every kind of corruption.

And we see who are the backers of this. They are the lowest element, the scum, the liberal society that is undermining the wellbeing of our country, and it’s just one more catch phrase among those that are bandied today in the street by those who have ruined their own lives; women who have broken homes, women who cannot be married, who don’t fit in anywhere and also men whose lives have been ruined and now they intend to ruin the lives of everyone else.

TAPE # R-4 (November 1973)