Rav Avigdor Miller on Yeshiva English Teachers



How much emphasis should yeshivos put on hiring religious teachers instead of irreligious Jews or gentiles? Should more money be spent on salaries in order to bring in frum teachers?


And the answer is that yes, higher salaries must be a priority, and that’s how they’ll be able to hire the right teachers. Because they must! Suppose a yeshiva was without a roof; they won’t remain long without a roof. You can’t be without a roof! And a roof costs a pile of money for a big building. But nothing is going to help, because a building must have a roof.

And you can’t have a yeshiva with irreligious, secular teachers. It’s worse than having no roof. Because they’re raining into the childrens’ heads, day and night, every type of wicked teaching. And there’s no excuse for that. There’s no excuse!

TAPE # 13 (January 1973)