Rav Avigdor Miller on a Mother Can Only Do Her Best

If it’s true what the Rav said tonight that a mother can have such an important influence on a child’s spiritual development, why did Eisav turn out so bad? Why didn’t Rivka’s righteousness make Eisav a better person?

And his father’s righteousness? Do you also think that he wasn’t influenced by his father’s righteousness either? Yes?! Why not his father’s righteousness? Why are you only worried about his mother’s influence?

And the answer is that he was influenced. He was influenced by both. Eisav was influenced by his mother and his father. But he didn’t utilize the influence. Eisav didn’t have to be a רשע. Now, יעקב אבינו utilized the influence and became very great. And Eisav, wasn’t like you think, a wicked fellow, like – I don’t want to say like who because I don’t want to insult Eisav. But Eisav is blamed for not utilizing what he should have utilized. He had the opportunity to use the influence of his mother and father, and he didn’t use it enough. And that’s why he’s blamed. A very great blame. That’s why he’s called a רשע. To grow up in such a great house and waste that opportunity of learning from these two great personalities, Yitzchok and Rivka! What a terrible waste. So it’s not a question of his mother or his father. Mother or father, it’s the same thing. Yitzchok and Rivka did what they had to do. It’s only a question of Eisav not using the opportunities that he was given.

TAPE # E-222