Rabbi, what do you say about the terrible article about evolution that was just published in the OU magazine Jewish Action?


I’m sorry to say that I happen to have read that article. I read that article and number one is that it’s a חילול ה׳  – a terrible desecration of Hashem’s name. The writer says that if the Ramban was here today, if the Ramban was standing here today, he would say that it makes no difference to him if אדם הראשון  and the apes came from the same ancestor. The Jewish Action should say such a thing?! A חילול ה׳! A terrible חילול ה׳!

He says, in six days the world was created, doesn’t mean six days. It could mean six million years. Six billion years. A terrible thing. The Jewish Action prints such thing?! And who reads it? I’ll tell you who. עמי הארץ  read it! Modern Orthodox read it. People in Long Island. People in Queens. It’s terrible. Don’t say it’s nothing. They’re ruining the Jewish Nation.

I agree with you. It’s a tremendous חילול ה׳. It’s a terrible thing that the Jewish Action did.

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