What do you say about a husband doing housework chores in the house?


How much should a husband contribute to helping out in the family?

This depends on circumstances.  A token contribution of work he surely must do. It’s not a bad idea to show the children an example and wash out at least one of your own dishes. Not a bad idea. Now, some husbands will faint when they hear that; they think it’s beneath their dignity, so that’s why I’m not going to say how much he must do – it depends on the situation. But something should be done to help out in the house.

There are husbands who wash out all their own dishes. There are people like that. Now I don’t say that all wives appreciate that. Some refuse to let their husband do anything, but when a woman is loaded down with housework and the children are bothering, it certainly is a token of gemillas chassodim to help out.  And there are a lot of ways that a husband can help.

When a husband relegates all the work in the house to his wife it’s not a fair division of labor. He says, “I work all day long and you do all the housework and bother with the children.”  No, that’s wrong.

Now, there are many things he cannot do.  She’s more capable of dealing with children. She’s more capable of dealing with the household things, but at least a token, a sign of encouragement; a little bit the husband should do.  

Maybe a lot he should do, but that depends on circumstances. And in order not to step on anybody’s toes, I’m not going to specify what you should do.

TAPE # 165 (May 1977)

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