When you say a child is not alive until the moment he’s born, isn’t that an argument that the pro-abortionists could use to say that they are not committing murder?


According to the Torah when a child is born that’s when he is ‘officially’ alive and then if he’s killed it’s murder. If a child is killed before he is born, then it’s not murder; but it’s a crime that’s next to murder.

And crimes next to murder are very severe crimes. Let’s say if you cut off a man’s nose, it’s not murder, but certainly anybody who would go around giving federal funds to cut off people’s noses; we’d consider that a very big sin. Especially when the people didn’t ask for it! The child doesn’t want his nose to be cut off. And in the case of the child more than his nose is cut off; his nose and his feet and his heart and so on.

So even though you won’t put a man to death for killing a fetus, he has to know that Hakodosh Boruch Hu won’t let him live. A man that does that, won’t be killed by us, but he’s chayav misah bi’dey shamayim. Hakodosh Boruch Hu will kill him. 

Anybody who kills a fetus should know that Hakodosh Boruch Hu is going to get even with him and there’s no question about that! It’s one of the most serious crimes there are.

Now, if people are happy that they didn’t commit murder – if they compliment themselves all their lives, “Well, I didn’t kill anybody” – if that’s their criteria in virtue, alright. But we think that there’s a better criterion. It’s not enough to say you didn’t murder anybody. If you rob people and you ruin people, so it’s also not such a virtuous career. 

There are gangsters that didn’t kill anybody yet; they just mugged them and beat them up and broke their legs and so on; they fire-bombed their businesses. They made people paupers. They didn’t kill anybody, so are they now tzadikim sitting in Gan Eden? No! And so anybody who commits abortion is a terrible criminal and it’s second to murder.

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