You said before that according to the Torah law, life in its fullest sense actually begins only when a child is born. But when a pregnant woman, let’s say she’s in her fifth month, when she goes to a religious obstetrician and he examines her so he’ll turn around and say, “I actually feel life.” What does that mean when he says he feels life?


When the doctor says he feels life in a baby it means he feels animal life, vitality; but he can’t say that the changes that occur when the baby comes out of the womb don’t complete the process of the baby being considered fully alive.

But before we leave the subject – I’m sorry that that the subject even came up because it shouldn’t lead to confusion. And so in order that there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding we’ll say in the strongest possible terms that Hakodosh Boruch Hu is interested only in giving life, and not the taking of innocent life.

Now, when it comes to the lives of criminals, of murderers, Hakodosh Boruch Hu does want the taking of their lives. It’s repeated again and again; like it says שופך דם האדם באדם דמו ישפך – anybody who sheds the blood of a man, by man his blood must be shed. “Don’t wait for Me,” Hashem says, “you have to take revenge for the victim.” That’s said openly.

Of course the criminal liberals, they are the most wicked hypocrites in the world. They say, “Oh no; you can’t kill a human being!” Here is a murderer who killed five five or six people and he intends to continue. And the liberals say you can’t kill him. You have to put him in an institution and rehabilitate him with color television, with a new menu everyday; a balanced menu. And work? You can’t force him to work; it’s against his conscience. 

But when it comes to abortion; “Oh sure! The right to abort? Everybody should have the right to abort,” they scream. 

And these people are typical of the topsy-turvy attitudes of these wicked people. And the American nation has finally shown that we disapprove of them. 

This last election, the landslide, really was a revolution against the crazy liberals. And it’s time we threw them out of the city governments and the state governments too. We have to get rid of them everywhere because these people are ruining America. They are the ones because of whom crime is flourishing. It’s only due to these crazy people that the world is upside-down. 

Murder is murder. And murder of little children that are unborn? It’s also a form of murder. So the fact that it’s not the same as murdering born people, are people are going to rub their stomachs and say, “I’m virtuous; I’ve only murdered unborn babies”? It’s as wicked as could be and that should be clearly understood.

TAPE # 337 (November 1980)

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