How can somebody who lacks confidence in himself gain confidence in order to accomplish things?  


And the answer is that person has to learn how to do things despite his lack of confidence. What do you need confidence for? The main thing is to do it.  So once you get into the condition of doing things according to a certain procedure and you know what to do, go ahead and do it and say, “I know I don’t have any confidence but I’ll do it anyhow.”

Do you know how many people won out, how many people gained victories and were successful without any confidence? There are people who are public speakers who are very bashful people, extremely bashful people, and they’re successful public speakers.  To this day, they’re still bashful.  But what can they do?  They have to speak.

If you have to do a certain mission, go ahead and do it and forget about your lack of confidence.  Do it anyhow and don’t care what’s going to happen.  At the end you’ll see you did it better than the next fellow. In most cases you’re better than the next fellow.  The fellow who has a lot of confidence usually does it wrong while the man with a lack of confidence is very careful to do it right. 

Now, that’s not enough on the subject but I have to answer other questions too.

TAPE # 441 (January 1983)

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