I want to ask a question about Purim.  It says that Achashveirosh gave the Jews the right to defend themselves again.  And I would like to know, what would have happened if he didn’t give this right?  Wouldn’t they try to defend themselves anyway somehow?


When Achashveirosh gave them the right to defend themselves, it meant that the authorities in the cities; the garrison, the soldiers in every city should not interfere.  Because throughout history when Jews defend themselves, they are considered criminals. That’s how it is in the eyes of the goyim. If we defend ourselves against the goyim who attack us, so they say that we’re making a pogrom. Whenever Jews try to protect themselves, then the authorities interfere and try to repress the Jews. That’s what happened in Alexandria of Egypt when the Jews tried to defend themselves, the Roman governor sent his legions and then they massacred the entire Jewish populace. Wherever Jews try to protexf themselves, it’s considered a big crime; Jews are not supposed to defend themselves

But here Achashveirosh was prevailed upon to let them to defend themselves. He did them a favor and gave them the right to fight back
It was a great favor and therefore the Persian army did not interfere.
TAPE # R-34

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