It says that in the month of Adar we have to be marbim b’simcha. How does one acquire more happiness during this month?


And the answer is that you have to know that Hakodosh Boruch Hu has made in each person a fountain of simcha. Only that the pump has to be primed. Once you open up the fountain and it starts gushing fourth you’ll be surprised how much simcha there is in us. We are born with the ability to be full of happiness.

Now, once you start thinking how good it is this month of Adar when Hakodosh Boruch Hu showed us a picture of l’asid lavo, of what the future holds for the Am Yisroel – Haman is hanging with all his sons! That’s what’s going to happen l’asid lavo. That’s the real truth – that’s how it’s supposed to be; all the reshaim should be hanging all the time and the tzadikim should be looking up and enjoying the sight. We have so many enemies today – we always had enemies but we have enemies today too – and the time will come when our enemies will be hanging. I’m not saying we’ll do it but Hashem will do it for us. They’ll be hanging and it will be a pleasant surprise.

That’s what happened then. They took a look. “Who is hanging there? Haman is hanging!” It was a surprise, a shock. They went out of their minds with happiness. So utilize that happiness; think about what happened then and about what’s going to happen again in the future and experience that happiness.

In addition to that, enjoy the fact that spring is around the corner. We’ll have a nice balmy weather soon and soon the trees will have green leaves. You can also think about how good it is to be alive. Oh what a pleasure it is to be alive! It’s a big simcha to be alive! So keep on thinking happy thoughts and Hakodosh Boruch Hu will open up the fountain of happiness that’s in your mind and it will start gushing forth in the month of Adar. 

TAPE # E-178

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