Should I continue praying for something that I desire to get, even though I’ve been praying for so long already and I haven’t seen any results? 


Yes. קוה אל השם חזק ויאמץ לבך וקוה אל השם – “Hope to Hashem, strengthen your heart, and keep on hoping to Hashem” (Tehillim 27:14). Never give up hope. Keep talking to Hashem.

Now, there are two benefits. First of all, by continuously repeating your request, maybe Hakodosh Boruch Hu will consider you worthy just because of that – just because of your turning to Him all the time. Maybe He’ll consider you worthy, and grant your request.

And even if, chalilah, Hakodosh Boruch Hu sees fit to ignore your requests, you have gained immensely! Because prayer changes a person. When you call out to Hashem from the bottom of your heart, you’re actually talking to somebody, and you become more aware that He is standing in front of you and listening. And that’s one of the greatest benefits that you could ever gain – more awareness of Hashem.

That’s why davening to Hashem is so important. When a person stand up to say shemonah esrei, he’s standing before the King. We don’t see Him, but He sees us. He hears every word. כי אתה שומע – You are listening to Your people. And You’re listening ברחמים, with compassion. When people daven, and they daven again and again, they should know that they’re learning a great lesson – the great lesson of believing in Hashem. And there’s nothing greater in life than coming to a true belief in Hashem. And therefore, if Hashem will listen to you and grant you your request, very good.  And if He won’t, it’s also good, because you have gained immensely.
TAPE # 489 (December 1983)

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