The Orthodox community in America has been protesting against the State of Israel because of the practice of doing autopsies on the dead even against the express will of the family and the נפטר. Is it right for the Rabbis to lead protests that demonstrate internal strife among Jews?


And the answer is this: Suppose your landlord is not giving you any heat. He’s a Jewish landlord and your family is freezing. And no private protests on your part elicit any positive response from him. Is it wrong to make a sign and stand in front of the building – a sign that says MR. SCHWARTZ, MY LANDLORD, IS NOT GIVING ME ANY HEAT. So the gentiles might pass by and they’ll say, “Look at what Jews are doing to Jews.” So what should you do, freeze?!

So when it comes to freezing, then you understand that you have to do what you have to do. It’s wrong to freeze. You’re not going to let your family freeze. But when it comes to autopsies, then not?! When it comes to autopsies, why should we handle it with silk gloves? We have already protested quietly in every possible way. We have spoken to them a hundred times! A thousand times! And all our protests fall on deaf ears.

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