What should a person’s thoughts be when chalilah he suffers pain? 


Pain is sent for a purpose. And the purpose is to ask Hakodosh Boruch Hu for help. That’s the purpose. And if people ask Hakodosh Boruch Hu for help when they’re well, then they’re going to save themselves from many tzaros that are sent upon people to stimulate them to ask Hashem for help. If you cry out to Hashem in happiness – “Hashem, thank to for my healthy kidneys. I love You for keeping me healthy. Please watch over me” – then Hashem says “I’m satisfied; as long as you cry out to Me in happiness, you’re a success, because you are making yourself aware of Me. But if you do not cry out, I might have to give you a reason to cry out.”

Because we’re here in this world mostly to become aware of Hashem. And to become aware of Hashem you need stimuli. Things are necessary to make us aware of Hashem. And so, we have two choices: Become aware of Hashem because of the good things that’s He’s giving you or become aware of Him because of distress.

So therefore, if a person chooses to thank Hashem and sing to him at all times – for this, and for this, and for that – so Hashem says, “That’s good enough; I don’t have to send him any troubles.” But if a person ignored Hashem, and only when there’s trouble, that’s when he cries out, so Hashem says, “I don’t want to do it, but it pays to give you trouble because you gain the great benefit if thinking about Me. That’s for you the biggest benefit.”

And after a hundred and twenty years, when you come to the Next World, you will say, “Hashem, I thank You for causing me that pain because it made me think about You, and I called out to You.” Calling out to Hashem is a tremendous achievement! So call out while you’re well, and you won’t have to call out for other things.
TAPE # E-218 (January 2000)

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