Is it true that angels teach Torah to babies before they are born?


Yes, it’s true.


If so, how many angels are necessary if the babies are twins?


Now, this question was asked to me this week on the phone so I told the person to come here tonight and ask that question in public. And the answer is that one angel is capable enough of saying the same lesson to two babies at once.  You only need one angel for two babies.

But to explain this ma’amar, I’ll take out a minute. This teaching of the Torah is telling us that human beings are not just blanks; they’re not just animals, ignorant things, when they’re born. The Torah teaches us that Mankind is possessed of a native store of wisdom. מים עמוקים עצה בלב איש – There is tremendous wisdom, a profound understanding that is native to a man’s mind. That’s ויפח באפיו – Hashem blew from Himself into man. It means that when Hakodosh Boruch Hu put the soul into man, He put endless wisdom into man.  

It’s only a figurative language when it says that a malach teaches the baby kol haTorah before he’s born; it means that everybody has endless wisdom within him and whatever we learn all our lives is only a stimulus to incite or to excite that store of wisdom and to cause it to bubble up and come to the surface. That’s the best I can do in the limited time I have.

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