Rav Avigdor Miller on Bein Adam L’Chaveiro is Bein Adam L’Makom

Is it true what the Rav implied earlier that mitzvos of bein adam la’chaveiro are more important than mitzvos bein adam la’makom?


Are mitzvos bein adam la’chaveiro more important than mitzvos bein adam

la’makom? The answer is that bein adam la’chaveiro is bein adam la’makom. That’s why we said tonight that teshuva means “shuva ad Hashem Elokecha” “Ad Hashem” is the foundation of teshuva. Everything that we said here tonight about improving our avodah of bein adam la’chaveiro is not because of chaveiro” – it’s because of Hashem. It’s all Hashem! There’s no such thing as a dichotomy between the two types of mitzvos of bein adam la’makom and bein adam la’chaveiro. To love your fellow is exactly the same as loving Hashem. But we have to make sure to do it with the thought that these Jews that I love are “banim atem la’Hashem Elokeichem”. That’s how you should love your fellow Jew – because he’s a son of Hashem, a child of Hashem. So that way, if you love him, then you’re loving Hashem.

And therefore there should be no question about there being any difference between the two types of mitzvos. If a person will, let’s say, be kindhearted to Jews but he doesn’t care for Hashem, then it’s not called kindhearted at all. It’s nothing. It’s worthless. It’s a waste of effort. It’s a waste of effort loving your fellow Jew if you don’t believe in Hashem.

And therefore, all of our efforts that we will make in the subjects we discussed tonight – understanding tzelem Elokim, appreciating the greatness of Klal Yisroel, loving your fellow Jews – these are all based on the concept of avodas Hashem – of serving Hashem. It has to be for Hashem.


TAPE # E-249