What should a bochur do if he’s not in a good shiur and his Rebbi doesn’t answer his questions?


Now, I don’t know if it’s not a good shiur. It could be it’s a very good shiur. That I can’t tell you.

But if your Rebbi doesn’t answer your questions, there are plenty of other people to answer your questions. So make sure to learn what you can from your Rebbi. He needs parnasa so make sure not to discourage him. Honor him and make him feel good. And after the shiur walk over to him and say, “Rebbi, I enjoyed your shiur,” – even though you didn’t. It’s a mitzvah to be “mi’oided anavim,” so make sure to encourage him.

And your questions you can mark off in the Gemara as you get stuck and then take your Gemara down to the Beis Medrash and ask an older bochur. He’ll tell you the answers. You’ll find someone to tell you the answers.

TAPE #E-207

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