You said tonight that Satmar and Lubavitch are brothers. So how is it that sometimes things happens between them?


Look, the fact that something happens, it doesn’t mean that “The Satmarers” did it. You can’t say that because Satmar is a very big community, kein yirbu. It is ridiculous to blame a very big community for what a few people did. In every community there are always a few not responsible people. The Satmar are a solid, hardworking, pious community and there is no question that Satmar and Lubavitch are brothers.

And so are the Viznitzer and the Belzer and the Mirrer and the Lakewooder and the Chaim Berliner; we are all brothers. So instead of talking a lot about little incidents, let’s talk about the things that we all have in common, the great ideals of avodas Hashem. That’s what is worth talking about. 
TAPE # 73 (May 1975)

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