What do you do if you’re upset with the world around you?


Go to a doctor who’s going to teach you how to heal your neshama.  The Rambam says you have to go to a doctor in chochmas hanefesh

And the doctor will say, “Open your eyes first of all and look at the sky. You see a blue sky? Start enjoying the sky.” 

So you’ll say, “What kind of fun is the sky?  You can’t eat it. You can’t put it in the bank.”  The truth is, it’s better than the bank!  Did you ever try enjoying a blue sky? You think it’s silly?  One of the seforim say that Hakodosh Boruch Hu made the sky colored like tcheiles because it’s easy on the eyes.  It’s a pleasure to look at the blue sky. So let’s utilize what this sefer said. 

And so, when a man begins studying the happiness of life that’s available, that’s the medicine to make him a well-adjusted and understanding man.  He’ll begin singing to Hakodosh Boruch Hu when he sees the happiness of light! The sun will make him happy! Looking at the sky on a beautiful spring day is a pleasure.  There will come a day when you’ll be looking at the sky for the last time and you’ll say, “Oh, I’m so sorry I have to say farewell to this beautiful picture.” So tomorrow morning start practicing and you’ll begin enjoying the world.  

After a while, you could begin practicing how happy it is that you’re able to breathe.  There are some people who can’t breathe.  They’re being put in a machine, a respirator and the machine breathes for them.  But how much more fun it is if you can expand your own lungs.  Flex your lungs in and out – ah!  That’s fun!  Take a deep breath right now of this wonderful air in this building here – ah!  A pleasure to be alive! The chochom will tell you that.

And little by little, this doctor, the chochom, will teach you how to make use of Olam Hazeh.  And you’ll begin singing along with all the yeshiva bochurim, “Olam Hazeh is a gutteh zach.”

That’s the truth – that people are upset over nothing and they don’t put begin to realize what an opportunity they’re missing.  We must begin studying what life holds in store for us and then v’nismecha u’neranena kol yameinu! We’ll be singing in happiness all the days of our lives!

TAPE # 645

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