Is there a connection between the body and the neshama?


Is there a connection between the body and the soul? There’s a tremendous connection because the body influences the soul.  Let’s say you have a body.  So you sit your body down at the table and your wife gives you supper.  That’s for your body.  So you have to think, “My wife cooked a supper for me. It took her at least an hour. And it tastes good too! As a result I’m going to appreciate her. I’m grateful to her.” That’s a very great benefit for your soul. So because of your body, your soul is improving.

Your wife puts out fresh laundry for you from time to time. She washed your laundry for you. It takes time to wash laundry and your body likes fresh clothing so you stop and think for a half minute: “I appreciate my wife.” So your soul changes.  

Because of your body, your soul changes.  You sit down to breakfast.  There’s bread on the table.  You’re hungry.  And you put the bread in your teeth and you chew it.  Ah!  A pleasure! “I love You Hashem because of the bread!” That makes a change in your soul. 

The entire change in your soul is only because of the body, and that’s why the body is so important.  We’re grateful to the body and that’s why we have to take care of the body and appreciate it always. And when the time comes to say good bye to your body, when you’re leaving this world it’s a sad farewell because the body says “Poor me!  I’m being put into the earth and you’re going to Gan Eden.”  So you tell the poor body, “V’ene’eman atah lehachayos meisim. Trust in Hashem.  Someday we’ll be reunited again. Don’t worry. It’s not forever – it’s only temporary.  Au revoir but not goodbye.  We’ll meet again.”  That’s how you console the body and you should do it every day when you say vene’eman atah lehachayos meisim. “My poor body.  You served me faithfully.  I’m not going to forsake you forever – only temporarily.  We’ll come back again to each other.”

There’s a very great connection between the body and the neshama!

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