Is it wrong to allow one’s children to read Disney books like Mickey Mouse and things like that?


Now, whether or not you should be reading Walt Disney to your children is one question. But I say that you shouldn’t for a different reason. I say that you should boycott Walt Disney because Disney is an active force in promoting all types of immorality and I don’t want to say what else. They promote very filthy things like H-O-M [the Rav spelled out the three letters] – I really don’t want to say the rest. And therefore, we should boycott Walt Disney as much as possible.

And if they hadn’t been promoting immorality then it would just be stam a waste of time. What do you get out of books that make it that mice talk and other animals are talking? It’s meaningless.  But Walt Disney is worse than meaningless because of the immorality that they are promoting in America.

And therefore we should do everything we can to lend our support to those who are trying to make this world more moral. We should help the people – even the goyim – who are fighting for morality.  We really should do that.
TAPE # E-219 (January 2000)

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