Would a person be allowed to celebrate the fifth of Iyar (Israeli Independence Day), the same way he celebrates the Fourth of July?


The answer is that the Fourth of July has no Jewish connotation; it’s a neutral thing. And since it’s a demonstration of loyalty to the county where you live, so it certainly is virtuous to hang out a flag on the Fourth of July. I think that all Jews should be interested in demonstrating solidarity with the American people. And especially to thank Hakodosh Boruch Hu that there is such a country that fosters such ideals of liberty which Jews enjoy today. 

The fifth of Iyar is a different story entirely. The Medinas Yisroel was founded by atheists. Of course, there was a small handful of ma’aminim also. But the vast majority were atheists, and they were extreme left wing radicals. Even today, the first of May is a big day in the State of Israel – because it was all Marxism. 

So how can we demonstrate any kind of sympathy with a State that is diametrically opposed to the Torah?! The mere fact that they draft girls into the army is such a horrendous contradiction to Jewish tradition, to Jewish attitudes, that for that alone, every conscientious Jew should feel a tremendous hostility to the State of Israel. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that we ought to organize brigades and invade the State of Israel! Now as queer as that will sound to you, that’s the truth. Now, of course we can’t do it because there are so many frum Jews who have to be protected today – and that’s our big worry! But the chillul Hashem of drafting girls into the army is unequaled – even among the nations of the world.

Now, there’s a statement in an official history of the Israeli army written by a man named Zev Schiff, and he states – THE TAPE ENDED HERE V’CHAVAL AL D’AVDIN
TAPE # 312 (May 1980)

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