What’s the benefit of different types of servants of Hashem, like misnagdim and chasidim and sephardim? Wouldn’t it have been better if everybody used the same method of serving Hashem?


And the answer is, why is that you have clover honey and orange blossom honey and buckwheat honey?  You have ten varieties of honey. The answer is, it makes life more delectable. Variety – it’s a pleasure.  After all, Hakadosh Baruch Hu could have given us only apples. Let’s say you pass a fruit stand and there would be nothing there but red apples. Let’s say Red Delicious apples.  All Red Delicious apples – nothing else. Wonderful! But how much more fun it is if you have ten different kind of fruits!

And therefore, there are all kinds of methods of serving Hashem. Now sometimes you can choose one and stick to it always and sometimes you can pick different things from different groups. Something you pick from the Gerrer, something you pick from Lakewood, something you choose from Lubavitch, something you take from Belz, something you take from Satmar and so on.  Everybody has something to contribute. You can be sure there are a lot of delightful fruits in all these various places that will help a person serve Hashem in various ways.
TAPE # 520

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