What should be the attitude of an Orthodox Jew regarding glatt kosher Chinese restaurants? 


I think it’s superfluous to even speak about this. We’re definitely happy that they are glatt kosher. And if they would close down entirely it would be even better.
TAPE # 38 (November 1974)


Does Hakodosh Boruch Hu really mind if we enjoy ourselves once in a while by eating out in a restaurant?


First of all, not only does Hashem not mind if you enjoy yourself once in a while, but He doesn’t mind if you enjoy yourself all the time. And not only does He not mind, but He wants you to enjoy yourself all the time. And you must get that into your head. If you would frequent these lectures regularly you would know that Hakodosh Boruch Hu wants us to be happy all the time, and whatever we do, we should do with happiness.

But the question really becomes – what is happiness? Now, if you eat out, for the moment it might seem like fun, but when you come home at night, and at 3 o’clock in the morning you have to start running because you don’t know what they served you in the restaurant – look, it’s certainly not as wholesome as what you could eat at home. I told you once – a man once told me that he was in a restaurant and he peeked through the swinging doors into the kitchen. He saw a waiter spit onto a plate and wipe it clean with his apron – a true story!

There are better ways of enjoying life than eating out. What’s so great about eating out?! It costs less to eat at home. What it is really, is only imagination. Because people have put a premium on eating out so they think it’s fun. However, we’re not going to go into details now about this foolishness.

But there is no question that Hashem is happy when His children are happy – of course, if it’s all done in a good way, in a virtuous and kosher way.
TAPE # 272 (July 1979)

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