What does the Rav think about a person having a hobby?


Now we have come to a subject that many people are nichshal in. And you must realize that. Here, you have a woman who has a special room that is dedicated for her hobby. Let’s say, for example, she has a Turkish Room. She has all types of Turkish things in that room. And it’s her pride and joy. She takes her guests into that room to show them the Turkish tablecloth, the Turkish cups and the Turkish pictures.

Now, that is a waste of a life. You are wasting your life on zero. One hundred percent zero! The money was thrown out, the time was thrown out and, most importantly the thoughts were thrown out. You’re wasting your thoughts and you’re ruining your mind.

Hobbies are nothing. We have so much to do in life and there’s no room for hobbies. Yes, you can have a hobby. Your hobby can be raising your children bi’derech ha’Torah. Your hobby can be Baba Kama. Baba Kama! Now, that’s a good hobby. Baba Kama is a good hobby to choose. You can take a Mesechta and make it your project. Some people love Mesillas Yesharim. Mesillas Yesharim is also a good hobby. There are so many good things to do. And so many interesting things to do. And valuable things. So how can a person decide to waste his life on hobbies?! Who has time for collecting stamps?! Fishing?! You will spend your Sundays fishing?!
How can you throw away your life like that?!  “Hobbies” is a gentile word that has no place in the Jewish dictionary.

TAPE #E-218

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