Rav Avigdor Miller on Choosing the Right Supreme Court Justice 

Why does the Rav feel it is so important to defend  the President against his political  enemies? 

Nixon’s fate is our fate. You have to know that Nixon is being attacked for doing things that are for our benefit. Don’t think Nixon is being attacked for Watergate. That’s a very big mistake. Nixon is being attacked because he’s appointing conservative judges; because he’s trying to battle against permisiveness; because he’s trying to battle against spending too much – wasteful government spending. These are the things that have made him hated. Only that there is a big barrage of propaganda utilizing small things in order to cover up their real motives. People don’t realize that. They are victims of the media.

The truth is that the liberals are angry about other things, not Watergate. Because you have to know that Johnson was really a grafter. But he swam with the tide. Johnson didn’t do a thing against the liberals. On the contrary, he was their plaything. Therefore, when it came time to investigate the Bobby Baker scandal, it’s alleged that Sam Ervin, who is the head of the committee investigating Watergate, there were seven times that he either voted against an investigation of Bobby Baker or he didn’t vote for it. I wasn’t there but this is a statement, a claim, made on good authority. And I can quote the source. So why wasn’t Bobby Baker investigated? Bobby Baker was a real scandal, involving real crimes. And why isn’t another person – I won’t say his name – being investigated because a girl was drowned in a car with him?! That’s a little bit worse than this, no?

And what did poor Nixon do? Even if he was guilty, what did he do, the poor fellow? There was a Jewish traitor named Daniel Ellsberg who was giving out secrets – military secrets! While the boys are. fighting and dying in Vietnam, he’s giving out military secrets. He was a traitor. You expect the government to sit back and allow that leak?! And so let’s say they burglarized his office – so what’s so terrible? If they hadn’t burglarized his office they would have been remiss in their duty. A government has to protect itself. Any government that wouldn’t do that – do you have to ask a judge permission to break in to an alleged traitor’s office to see if the secrets are leaking through him?! In the meantime boys are dying at the front. It couldn’t be helped. And if the President did want to cover it up, it’s a very small crime.

It’s not because of this that he’s being accused. No, not at all. He’s being accused because of the things we need. We need to save the country for ourselves. We need a Supreme Court that won’t countenance homicide. The Supreme Court, with one fell swoop of the pen, set loose seven hundred condemned murderers – at one time! That’s what we’re supposed to be grateful to the Supreme Court for?! And Nixon tried to change that. He’s trying to change the makeup of the Court. And that’s why he’s hated.
TAPE # 62 (April 1974)