Should a girl who is studying to be a lawyer practice in criminal court and get the experience she needs by defending criminals?


I want to start this question a little earlier.  Should a girl study to be a lawyer altogether?  No! A girl should study to be a housewife! It’s a tragedy when girls go for a career.  

Now, I know that the girl who asked the question is right here, but listen to me.  People have to know what’s good for their future, what’s good for their happiness.  If a woman is independent and she has her own career, she’s a misfit in her home.  

A woman has to be only a housewife and nothing more.  It’s of the utmost importance to realize that a man has to make a living, but a woman has to create a future generation.  And in case she cannot, she has to build a home anyhow.  And building a home is a full time job.  It’s a masterpiece when the wise woman learns how to create a true Jewish home.  And it needs all of her talents.  

And therefore, isn’t it a waste?  You can get a tramp, a bum, to be a criminal lawyer – which they are.  Nobody should be a criminal lawyer!  But to take a good Jewish girl and waste her neshama and waste her talents in standing in a gentile court and speaking about criminals, it’s a pity.  It’s taking diamonds and using them instead of stones.

TAPE # 536 (January 1985)

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