What should a Jew do not to be depressed by current events?


It depends which current events but the general rule is that reading the newspapers is like drinking poison.  The newspapers are written by yingelach, ignorant fellows with a big yetzer hara and they’re all tinok shenishba. All of them have a very strong attitude of opposition to mitzvos and to ma’asim tovim, and therefore anybody who reads the newspaper is poisoned.

Al tavi to’eivah el beisecha – don’t bring it into your house even.  The newspapers that come into your house are poison for the house.  If you want to know current events, as you walk in the street, look at the newspaper on the stands; read the headlines to be yotzei. That’s all.  Don’t spend even a nickel to buy newspaper. Don’t waste any time with it. 

TAPE # E-250 (October 2000)

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