If someone is mechalel Shabbos in his business despite urging by others to close his store, should we nevertheless treat him as an equal or should we disdain him until he gives in?


And the answer is, you’re dealing with a patient, a sick person, and you have to see what’s effective for him . You have to treat him with wisdom. Of course, in your heart, there’s no question what you think. A person who is mechalel Shabbos, הרי הוא כעכו”ם, he’s like a gentile.  A mechalel Shabbos is כעובד עבודה זרה, he’s like an idolater.  He’s a lost soul.  There’s nothing to talk about!  There’s nothing to debate!

But it’s not the proper way to show that to him if you intend to continue your efforts.  Therefore you must do whatever is necessary.

Now that doesn’t mean that when he comes let’s say into the congregation that you should be according him the same deference that you’ll give to a decent, frum Jew. You can’t do that. But you can treat him with wisdom, why not?

But whatever you do, however you treat him, in your mind you have to know that a mechalel Shabbos is a very ruined and broken person.  No question about it.  And you shouldn’t have any doubts where he stands in your mind.

TAPE # 320

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