If a person is experiencing problems in his business, how can he prevent himself from being overwhelmed by his problems?


If a person has problems in business, he should know that כל עניני העולם נסיונות הם לאדם –all the occurrences that happen to a person in this world are tests for him. It’s only a test and he should think, “Hakodosh Boruch Hu is testing me in two ways. Two ways. First of all, am I forgetting, because of these problems, all the good things that are happening to me? That I’m in good health; that my family is in good health.”  

I once went to a Russian shoe repair man.  He said to me like this: “Az m’iz gezunt, iz men reich.”  I learned a piece of Torah from him. “Az m’iz gezunt, iz men reich.  If you’re healthy then you’re wealthy.”  That’s all.

So even though a person has business troubles, but you’re not in the hospital; you’re functioning. Look how many people are sick and have so much trouble.  Look in the doctor’s offices.  They’re crowded with patients. And you are able to be outside the doctors’ offices.  So you have business problems.  But health problems are a thousand times worse.

That’s one test.  Are you forgetting to thank Hashem? So number one, keep on thanking Hashem.  

The second test is bitachon.  You have to have trust in Hashem. And your business troubles are a spur, a stimulus to pray to Hashem.  You have to pray to Hashem.  We don’t pray enough.  We don’t ask enough.  לעולם יבקש אדם רחמים על המדה זו – A person should always ask for mercy about this thing: “Please Hashem don’t make me poor. Don’t make me poor.”  

You hear that?  Did you do it even once?  You have to do it always! Always you have to ask Hashem, “Please don’t make me poor.”

Now this man didn’t do it; and now he’s having business troubles. So what should you do?  Cry out to Hashem.  Pray to Hashem.

So you have two tests.  One test is don’t forget the good things He’s doing for you.  He’s giving you your health.  And second, utilize the opportunity to cry out to Hashem and ask Him that He should give you parnassa.

By the way, the Gemara also says, לעולם יבקש אדם רחמים שלא יחלה – A person should always ask rachamim not to become ill.  

These are two things that are very good advice.  Always ask Hashem you shouldn’t become poor.  Always ask Hashem you shouldn’t become ill.  Always ask Hashem! L’olam! Every day!  Every day!  Don’t wait for a tefilla to say it in shmoneh esrei. Say it with your own words: “Please Hashem, see to it that I don’t become ill.  Please Hashem, I shouldn’t become poor.”  Every day these two bakoshos.  Two requests every day.

And therefore, business problems will give you an idea about these two things.

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