Rav Avigdor Miller on Dealing With Insults

If someone says something mean to me and I’m burning up inside if I don’t answer back, what should I do?

Let me tell you what you should do. Go outside to the apartment house next door and bang your head against the brick wall. One bang should be enough. If not, then two bangs. That’ll quiet you down. It’s much better – much better – than answering back. It’s much healthier. So go outside and find a nice big brick wall and bang. It’s better for your health; I’m not joking.

And in case you can’t go out, then go into the bathroom and close the door. Flush the water and as the water is going down start muttering under your breath. Let it out. While the water is running down you mutter under your breath and that way it’ll be inaudible to the people outside. Then come out of the bathroom and don’t say a word.

Listen to this advice and you’ll be successful. That’s part of shleimus – of being a success in life – which is the reason you’re in this world. Or you can answer back and be a failure.
TAPE # 232