Is it wrong for a person to discover the gender of his child before the birth? 


If it’s not harmful to the עובר, the fetus  – not harmful in any way – then there’s nothing wrong. It makes no difference anyway. A boy or a girl? What difference does it make anyway? Either way it’s a wealth; a fortune. Every Jewish child is a wealth; it is a very great bracha to have a child. Every child is a great happiness for the parents.

And the child grows up and you’ll have nachas from the child’s children too. A child is a very great happiness and is more valuable than a block of tall apartment buildings – more valuable than blocks of real estate.

And so, boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. Often, from the girls you’ll have more nachas than from the boys. You’ll have a beautiful son-in-law and your daughter becomes a fine Rebbetzin. And you have so much nachas from your daughter. More than even from your son.

And therefore it doesn’t make any difference. It’s just simple curiosity. So if it costs money, then it’s a waste of money.

TAPE # E-191 (June 1999)

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