Can we rightfully conclude from what you said tonight that a mass outcry to Hashem by all of Orthodox Jewry in golus today would bring out geulah much more quickly?


Absolutely, absolutely! But the Orthodox are not enough – we need all of Jewry. There are not enough Orthodox Jews. We are judged by the majority of Jews and the Reformers are Jews. And we are suffering because of them, make no mistake about it. כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה – We are all responsible for each other and these resha’im must be converted by us. If they’ll die out quickly we’ll be potur from them, but as long as they’re still here it’s our job to convert them. We have to save them because if they are the majority, then chas v’sholom, who knows what can happen! And they are the majority!

Now, crying out always helps and we should cry as much as we can, but the crying out should be not by Orthodox Jewry alone. All Jews must unite and cry out. And therefore Koch (Ed Koch, an irreligious Jew was the mayor of New York City) has to come to a beis hamedrash and stop being an oisvorf; he has to become a ba‘al teshuva. And all the liberals and Reform rabbis, all of them together have to do teshuva, because we are responsible for the Jewish gays too! You can’t ignore them – their sins are on the heads of the entire Jewish people. כל ישראל ערבים זה בזה! We’re talking now of course about the fundamental requirement that we have to be כולו זכאי in order to bring the geulah. If chas v’sholom they don’t do teshuva then Hakodosh Boruch Hu has a different method; but we prefer the first method.
TAPE # 731

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