You say a lot of times here that we have to use the opportunity of this world to achieve שלימות, perfection, because we only have one chance. But don’t we believe in גילגולים, reincarnation? 


Here, in this place, we speak only about the one chance. Because this is your chance to succeed.

I’ll tell you what they say about גילגול נשמות, about reincarnation. גילגול נשמות is something that you should not look forward to. Don’t look forward to it! That’s what they all say. It would be a very unhappy thing, if you’d have to come back. So I don’t want to speak about it at all. I never spoke about it.

This is the chance! היום לעשותם – “Today is the time to do!” Don’t rely on anything else! Not מחר. Don’t rely on tomorrow and the day after. היום לעשותם – This world is your one chance. ומחר לקבל שכר – “Tomorrow is the time for reward” (Eiruvin 22a). But the time for doing is right now. This is your one chance, so don’t waste it.
TAPE # 827 (June 1991)

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